Live Video Interviews

Benefit from a video platform created for recruiting, with access to built-in rating tools and features that prioritize the candidate experience.

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Use live interviewing software built for enterprise hiring

Benefit from a global enabled, built-for-mobile, and fully branded interviewing platform.

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Provide a simple and supportive candidate experience

Equip candidates with helpful interview tools built to support their success.

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Conduct a stellar live interview, every time

Help hiring managers confidently identify the top talent with structured video interviewing.

Benefit from recruiting-focused video conferencing

Don’t settle for less. Our video interviewing prioritizes a professional and streamlined hiring experience for all.

  • Provide an app-free, mobile interview experience that applicants can join with ease via email or SMS
  • Create a custom-branded interview waiting room, complete with a tech check and helpful interview tips
  • Interview anywhere with global data hosting services and fully multilingual platform capabilities
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Streamline your interview process

Empower candidates with a streamlined interviewing process

Champion your candidates by providing them with all the tools they need to have a great interview.

  • Interview from any device – no apps or downloads required
  • Access to 24/7 applicant support with a 1-minute turnaround
  • Timely email/SMS reminders to prevent no-shows and keep them organized
  • Give candidates the option of when to interview by using our automated scheduling product

Create an efficient interviewing process for hiring managers

Support hiring managers through the recruiting process with a structured interview methodology.

  • Preset your interview questions based on position or interview type from HR-vetted question bank
  • Managers evaluate applicants with your custom built-in rating guides and a common rating scale
  • Our real-time evaluation dashboard helps you easily identify top talent based on rating
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VidCruiter + United Nations

UNDP needed a reliable online tool that facilitated collaboration among hiring stakeholders and worked well anywhere in the world.

“VidCruiter covers all bases. Whatever we need can happen. Literally, anything is possible with our online recruitment process. That level of flexibility and solutions orientation sets VidCruiter apart from others.”

Georg Peitchev


Give a fair live interview and get an easy way to evaluate

Our structured interview methodology is available in all of our interview formats for an easy and fair way to evaluate every candidate.

Structured Interview Process


VidCruiter offers a variety of pre-built and custom integrations to seamlessly exist alongside your current software.

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Video conferencing, built for recruiting

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Built-in rating scale

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Your preset questions

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Branded waiting room

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Unlimited time and users

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Blurred and virtual backgrounds

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Private chat function

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Encrypted recording

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24/7 applicant support

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24/7 client support

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Screen sharing

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Video Conferencing Made for Recruiting

Live video interviews FAQ

  • What is a live video interview?

  • A live video interview is one that is conducted in real-time online. HR professionals send job applicants an electronic invitation to meet at a mutually-convenient time, and they connect virtually using a webcam and microphone or their cellphone. Live video interviewing helps recruiters and hiring managers connect with top talent from all over the world. It saves lots of time and money on unnecessary travel by effectively pre-screening applicants. This is why video interviewing is so popular! You’ll want to use a professional hiring software like VidCruiter, which makes online recruitment and interviewing easy. During live video interviews, interviewers can ask candidates questions, rate their answers using the built-in rating scale, and collaborate with colleagues to arrive at hiring decisions more quickly.
  • Does live video interviewing reduce hiring costs?

  • Yes, live video interviewing can certainly minimize hiring costs! How? Video interview software like VidCruiter allows job interviews to take place entirely online, so people no longer have to travel to meet face-to-face. This saves money on travel expenses (gas or airfare, accommodations), which can be very costly. Live video interviews also reduce the wasted time (not to mention the frustration) that comes from interviewee no-shows. If someone does not show up for an interview, the recruiter and/or hiring managers simply close the browser and get back to work. Because video interviews allow HR professionals to get a better sense of applicants earlier in the hiring process, time-to-hire typically decreases. Better yet, these newfound insights usually result in higher-quality hires, so turnover is often reduced, saving even more money.
  • Can you record live video interviews to watch later?

  • Yes, you can record a live video interview to watch (or re-watch) later. You can watch the recorded video on your own or send it to others on the hiring team who may want to watch it after the fact. Using professional video interviewing software like VidCruiter, recruiters and HR professionals have the option to record live video interviews for later reference. This might be shortly after the interview to refresh a recruiter’s memory (or bring someone up to speed if they weren’t able to attend the live video interview), or it could be down the road when considering previously-shortlisted candidates for new job openings.
  • Can hiring teams communicate privately during a live video interview?

  • Yes, hiring teams can communicate during a live video interview without an interviewee knowing about it. Using professional-grade video interviewing software like VidCruiter, anyone on a panel or group interview is able to privately share documents, links, and chat amongst themselves in the built-in private chat box. Being able to easily communicate during a live video interview allows those involved in the hiring process to share opinions to applicant’s answers to interview questions in real-time—and seek further clarification when necessary.
  • Can you conduct a video interview on the phone?

  • Yes, you can conduct a video interview over the phone—so long as both the interviewer(s) and the interviewee(s) have a reliable internet connection and a functional camera and microphone built into the cellphone. Most newer phones require no downloads to connect in-person online, even with professional digital recruitment technologies like VidCruiter. Participants also have the option to dial-in to live digital interviews by phone; there is a backup call-in system that records audio. VidCruiter live video interviews on cellphones are even safe on open public hotspots!