Surface designer Jessica Jones creates striking patterns for products.

Along with brand identities for businesses, I work as a surface designer. Surface design is the creation of artwork that will be applied to products or environments. This artwork might be a repeating pattern or a stand-alone illustration. And it could be applied to:

Surface designer markets for pattern design

Seamless repeat patterns are a subset of surface design especially handy for wall coverings, giftwrap, and fabric. Most of my designs are repeating patterns. 

Jessica Jones surface design Emily G dresses

Jessica Jones prints on dresses from Brooklyn brand Emily G. View this fabric collection.

Some companies employ in-house designers. Other companies purchase patterns from third parties like me. An independent surface designer typically licenses their artwork to a company for either a flat fee or royalties. For example, a fabric manufacturer might partner with a surface designer to create a collection of prints. The fabric company then pays a royalty per yard of fabric sold that features the artist’s pattern. Read more about surface pattern licensing.

A fondness for mid-century modern style

surface designer Jessica Jones modern kitchenware

Mid-century design influences a lot of my patterns. My style is bright, cheerful, and simple. I love crisp edges and bold, graphic shapes with contrast.  The challenge of reducing a flower or animal to its simplest form is satisfying (and probably why I also like logo design). I enjoy distilling something complex into simple, symbolic shapes.

Mention names like Alexander Girard, Lucienne Day, Paul Rand, and Saul Bass, and my heart beats faster. And if I could steal a design aesthetic from any culture, I’d rob Scandinavia.

Surface design can help sell your product

The right pattern on the right product creates instant chemistry. A solid-color pillow or chair or dress can be nice. A plain pot or dish is expected. But customers are delighted when they find a pattern that speaks to them. Together we can boost your product’s emotional appeal.

As a surface designer, I can help you stay on trend and keep your product line new and fresh. We can differentiate your goods from your competitors’ with unique prints and illustrations.

My designs have appeared at retailers that include Target, Nordstrom, Land of Nod, Modcloth, Chasing Paper, and others. I’d love to create surface patterns that help your company sell goods, too.

And I’m always happy to help promote collaborations to my social media following of 200,000+.

Working with clients on surface design projects

Take a look at my surface design portfolio. If my style seems like a good fit, get in touch. I can show you existing designs that are available for licensing or purchase right away, or we can talk about creating a custom print or collection that fits your vision.