Pattern can make your brand stronger.

Branding with pattern can help customers form stronger emotional attachments to products. Consumers want to express their individual style—whether it’s purely aesthetic, or they love the values a company has and they want to look aligned. Pattern can be a great way to help fans latch onto your brand. It can do many things:

Take your products from utilitarian to truly special

Help you stand out as recognizable

Convey your story in an appealing way

Make your offerings more desirable

Patterned figure skate with pattern

There are typical products that feature surface patterns, like clothing, wrapping paper, and throw pillows. But are there unexpected items that could benefit from a pop of pattern? What about sauce pans, brooms, file cabinets, or ice skates?

Pattern can instantly bring your brand’s reputation to mind.

Over time, a pattern can become iconic and subliminally bring to mind a brand’s reputation. Think of Burberry’s famous tan plaid. It became iconic on coats, but if you saw that plaid on a bicycle, you would assume Burberry had something to do with making that bike. In fact, I just mocked up this bicycle in Photoshop. But if you saw this bike on the street, you might assume it was high end and well made without knowing a thing about its actual quality. 

branding with pattern bicycle mockup
Maybe your brand needs a signature print.

Not selling patterned products? There are other ways to use pattern in your branding.

A pattern doesn’t have to go on your product—maybe it’s part of the environment surrounding your product. Put it on your shipping box, tissue paper, shopping bag, your delivery truck, or retail store wallpaper. Or maybe your business provides services. Use pattern on the inside of your pocket folders or the back of your business card. Branding with pattern is pleasing and powerful.

brand pattern on stationery
Does your brand need a pop of pattern?