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The Client

BioScript Solutions® is committed to helping people with chronic illnesses and rare diseases achieve the best possible health outcomes.

With their total care approach, they simplify access to complex drug therapies and deliver full-service specialty care solutions at every stage of the patients’ treatment journey. Founded in 2001 from its home base in Atlantic Canada, BioScript has grown into a national provider of wholesale distribution and third-party logistics, patient support programs, and a nationwide network of clinics and pharmacies that serve thousands of Canadians every year.

The Challenge

Over the last two years, BioScript has hired more than 600 patient-centered team members from across Canada. The types of roles they most often hire for include nurses, pharmacy staff, and patient advocates, as well as positions within IT, sales, finance, HR, and marketing. On average, 50-80 people apply for each role.

Jenna McWilliam, Manager of Talent Acquisition at BioScript Solutions, manages a professional Talent Acquisition team, comprised of two Talent Acquisition Partners and a Talent Acquisition Coordinator. The team faced many manual hiring challenges within their high volume, rapidly growing company.

Many candidates work shift work, or geographically there could be a three-hour difference between time zones. There was a huge gap in their opportunity to connect with candidates in a timely fashion.

Every aspect of the recruitment process was being done manually. “Everything was tracked on spreadsheets,” says McWilliam. “It was not ideal. In order for us to hire people, as well as ensure the quality of candidates, we needed to have efficient tools to support our growth.”

Jenna McWilliam BioScript Talent Acquisition Manager
“We’re finding this allows us to reach more people because we can cast a wider net.”

The Solution

VidCruiter’s pre-recorded video interviews are helping BioScript connect with more candidates and better pre-screen job applicants. The interview questions are standardized or customized depending on the role for which they’re hiring. These templates are a fast and foolproof way to gather early insights into candidate fit.

“We send out a link [to complete the video interview] and allow them seven days to complete it,” says McWilliam. “They can do it on the weekend, or at two in the morning after their shift—the ball is in their court. We’re finding this allows us to reach more people because we can cast a wider net.”

McWilliam explains that this new process is also eliminating the frustrations of “ghosting.” During traditional phone pre-screens, which usually last about 30 minutes, candidates would sometimes suddenly become unavailable. “We’d have six pre-screens booked back-to-back,” says McWilliam. “If you called and someone didn’t answer, there’s not much you can do within that 20 minute gap.”

Quote “VidCruiter has been a lifesaver for us.”

The Results

“VidCruiter’s video interviewing has been a lifesaver for us,” says McWilliam. “We want to use it to its full potential.”

Before, BioScript’s recruitment team usually waited until a position was fully closed before reviewing all the candidates. “Now, instead of waiting for a position to close, if a great resume comes through on day two, we can immediately send out the link to the candidate to complete the VidCruiter pre-recorded interview,” says McWilliam. “That’s where we’re seeing an instant return on investment.”

Since they’re able to get the process started sooner, it has reduced the hiring process by at least two weeks. “We’re happy to say there is minimal manual effort with spreadsheets now, which has given us more capacity to truly partner with our hiring managers.”

McWilliam is so pleased with VidCruiter, she says she’ll “never work anywhere without it. It’ll be a condition of employment for me.” The recruitment team loves it, but they’re also getting positive feedback from others as well. “The candidates and our hiring managers love it, too.”

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