Online course: How to get clients for your freelance business

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How to find clients: the age-old question

A common struggle for freelancers and solo designers is how to find work that is creatively satisfying, feels like you’re making a great contribution, and pays well. 

Designers email me sometimes, asking things like:

  • Where can I find more clients?
  • Is my portfolio good enough or large enough?
  • Should I work for free or cheap just to get started?
  • How do I get clients who will pay better?

I made an online course answering these and other questions for freelancers. It’s called Client Finder, and it covers the methods I’ve been using for over 10 years of running my own design business. For me, work is rewarding, steady, and more plentiful than I have time to take on. Here’s how to get there!

how to find clients course

1.5 hours • 13 short video lessons • worksheets • instant access

The course covers:

  • The merits of choosing a niche and how to do it
  • What to put on your website to make it into a sales tool
  • Whether to write like an “I” or a “we”
  • The best, most fun ways to get more portfolio pieces
  • When/if to discount your rates
  • How to announce your services to your network
  • How to use Google to generate a list of leads
  • How to reach out without cold calling, using templates you can steal
  • Plus 7 more methods you can use, including my favorite, SEO

A step-by-step checklist, worksheets, and my hypnotic shirt will guide you toward finding more of the work you love.

It’s perfect for introverts who hate networking events and cold-calling. You can do all the steps from your desk. Or your couch or your bed; don’t tell anyone. All you’ll need is your computer.

The work is out there, creatives! Go get it.