Video Proctoring

Make paper-based, in-person testing a thing of the past, and free up time and resources with video-based proctoring.

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Ensure testing

Strict anti-fraud measures for complete confidence in your testing conditions.

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Use time-saving
proctoring tools

Choose between on-demand and live proctoring depending on test requirements.

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Create your
perfect assessment

Make a fully customized assessment from scratch or use a pre-built template.

Protect your company from fraud

Protect your organization from fraudulent behavior

Ensure your candidates are truly qualified with VidCruiter’s fraud protection.

  • Copy/paste prevented in platform
  • View browser activity to detect if candidate switches tabs or screens
  • Access and record video and audio for live or post-test auditing
  • Include step that requires candidates to show ID to the webcam prior to test

Use time-saving proctoring tools

When live proctoring isn’t required, save time with convenient on-demand video proctoring.

  • Require webcam access for candidates to record their full assessment for post-test proctoring
  • Save time by only reviewing candidates that pass the test
  • Review proctored tests directly in your ATS with our integrations
Proctoring tools will save you time
Unlimited Assessment Options with VidCruiter

Unlimited assessment options

Create or upload your own assessment. Alternatively, access our partner libraries for 100s of high-quality pre-built tests.

  • Assess candidates’ skillsets including typing speed, English proficiency, Excel knowledge, and script reading
  • Make the process engaging and inclusive by using video-, audio-, and text-based questions
  • Add time limits for each question or for the entire test
  • Set score weight per question – the system will calculate the candidates’ result

Choose From On-Demand or Real-Time Proctoring

Choose how you proctor based on your requirements and capacity. Our video-based assessments allow your team to proctor in real-time or on-demand.

On-Demand or Real-Time Proctoring

Give Candidates Timely Results

Set up progression criteria based on candidate scores. The system can automatically notify candidates of their outcomes when you’re ready.

Candidates recieve timely results

Effectively Proctor Candidates on Your Terms

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Proctor on-demand or live

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Fraud protection measures

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Browser tracking

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ID showcase and upload

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Set custom scoring and time limits

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Automated scoring and ranking

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Proctor your own assessments

The Streamlined Solution to Ensure Compliant Testing