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Streamline your workflow with an all-in-one hiring solution that covers steps of the recruitment process.

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Find talent faster

Cut down your time-to-hire with candidate-driven hiring tools, and automated workflows.

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Hire the top candidate

Increase the predictive validity of your hires by up to 65% with easy-to-use structured review.

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Greatly reduce cost-to-hire

Get significant savings of up to 75% and achieve a high ROI by hiring better, faster.

Hire in a fraction of the time

Save time by using an end-to-end recruitment solution.

  • Fully customizable automation eliminates back and forth admin tasks.
  • Leading provider of recruitment automation and video interviewing tools
  • One centralized system for your end-to-end recruitment process
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use best practices

Use best practices, gain top talent

The most informed decisions are made using data and structure. Hire the top candidate with confidence.

  • Deploy structured interviewing across multiple interview formats
  • Use your HR-approved, built-in rating guides in every interview
  • No templates? No worries. We’ve partnered with IO psychologists to create validated interview guides and questions
  • Be fully informed with data-driven evaluations,-searchable applicant profile data, and real-time reports

Achieve a high ROI with a lower cost-to-hire

Hiring beyond your budget? Save up to 75% of your cost-to-hire with VidCruiter.

  • Save hundreds of hours with automated tasks and communication – from candidate-powered scheduling and reference checking to SMS and email
  • Get an all-in-one solution from one vendor, rather than utilizing multiple vendors for overlapping features
  • Cost-per-hire model allows the flexibility for you to focus on hiring instead of software licenses
High ROI
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“Before, we could interview maybe 12 people on a good day. Whereas now, interviewing is constantly flowing. Candidates complete the interview on their own time, and we review them on our own time. There’s no back-and-forth scheduling interviews.”

Jenna Wilson

Director of Talent – Isaac Operations

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Give a Fair Interview and Get an Equal Way to Evaluate

Our structured interview methodology is available in all of our interview formats for an easy and equitable way to evaluate candidates.

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Same interview length

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Equal difficulty level

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Identical questions asked

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Diversified panel

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Transparent reporting

24/7 Customer Support & a Guaranteed One Minute Turnaround Time

With VidCruiter, you’re never far away from a helping hand. Our support team is so good, it’s almost like getting an additional member on your team.

Your Full Hiring Workflow Powered By One Leading Solution

An applicant tracking system with testing, interviewing and referencing tools. Your entire recruitment process in one platform.

VidCruiter Suite

One Hiring Solution, Countless Benefits