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Client Experience

VidCruiter Works for You

Everyone who works for VidCruiter really works for you. Our dedicated team is here to help however we possibly can.

Here’s our commitment to you:

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Dedicated Client Success Manager

Your Client Success Manager (CSM) acts as your personal VidCruiter assistant. Each CSM is assigned only a select number of clients, so you get the attention you deserve. Whether you’re doing a local rollout or a global rollout, our team can help. We have CSMs located in different time zones around the world to ensure you receive timely service on your terms. We’re available through your preferred support channel: by phone, email, or through VidCruiter’s built-in chat feature.

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Seamless Onboarding & Setup

Implementing a new recruitment software can feel daunting, but we make it smooth sailing. Send us your interview questions, guides, and other recruitment parameters, and we’ll create the initial job position(s) to get you started on the right foot. Better yet, we’ll save these as templates so you can easily create future positions. Plus, we’ll send you test applicants so you can perfect your recruitment process and familiarize yourself with our platform’s functionality before managing actual applicants. Trust us: we’ll make your transition to remote recruiting totally seamless.

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Over a Decade of Recruitment Experience

You’ll benefit from VidCruiter’s many years of recruitment knowledge. As full-time recruitment specialists, we talk with clients in many different industries, all around the world, every single day. They’re experiencing unique recruitment challenges, and we draw from these conversations to relay HR recruiting best practices.

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Unlimited Training

We make sure those who’ll be using the VidCruiter platform understand it, so you can maximize use of our online hiring tools. We’ll provide in-depth training to all Super Users, and provide additional training sessions as needed. Our remote recruitment software is so intuitive, you might not even need much training, but we’re here for you whenever you do. If you need a quick refresher or prefer to learn at your own pace, we also offer unlimited self-guided training modules.

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Complete Customization

One of VidCruiter’s greatest strengths is its endless customization options. Thanks to our Recruitment Process Modelling, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Your CSM will work with you to mold the software and the workflow so it mirrors your existing recruitment process. We may even find a way to improve it! Ask us how.

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Custom Branding

Make our hiring platform your own. Our team can incorporate custom branding into every element of your recruitment process. This way it’s totally on-brand, so it reflects your organization and company culture in the right light to attract more applicants.

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Integrate with Your Favorite Applications

Work the way you want to work. The VidCruiter platform was designed to be endlessly flexible, so we can integrate with nearly every app you need. Our integrations with several prominent HR tech players make incorporating your existing hiring process a breeze.

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The Ultimate Candidate Experience

We’ve spent the last decade perfecting the VidCruiter platform so it provides an incredible candidate experience. We’ve seen thousands of people apply to jobs over the years and, from that, we’ve learned how to deliver an authentic interviewing experience. We do that by being respectful of everyone’s time, providing white-glove support, and incorporating engaging video questions to help humanize virtual interviews.

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24/7 Applicant Support & a One Minute Turnaround

It’s midnight, and a high-calibre candidate is trying to apply for a position at your organization. They’re experiencing some tech trouble, and they’re considering abandoning the application process. Don’t stress!

VidCruiter’s Applicant Success Team is ready to assist your job applicants at all hours—so you don’t have to. Does a one-minute turnaround sound about right? That’s what we expect, and so should you. We can even help you roll out candidate surveys to access insights about applicants’ experience to help you improve your recruitment process.

Never Settle for So-So

VidCruiter prides itself in delivering an unmatched client experience, and we invite you to give our software a try. Our technology is always evolving to keep pace with new recruitment trends and special requests.

Since we consider our clients valuable, long-term partners, we value your suggestions and welcome feedback any time. Together, we can create an incredible remote recruitment process custom-made for your exact needs.

You’ll love VidCruiter!

But don’t take our word for it.