Build a strong and diverse team

Celebrate diversity with an inclusive hiring experience that’s built to empower candidates and help hiring teams make equitable decisions.

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Use inclusive hiring practices to empower candidates

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Minimize bias with HR-approved accommodation evaluation tools

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Back every hiring decision with data and structure

Provide an inclusive candidate experience

Present and provide an inclusive hiring experience from start to finish.

  • Celebrate diversity with video-based representation of company culture and values within the hiring journey
  • Ensure the full and equal participation of all candidates through built-in accommodations and compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA requirements
  • Remove barriers by allowing candidates the flexibility to interview where and when they choose
  • Provide a mobile-first hiring experience that’s easily accessible for all applicants
Inclusive candidate experience
minimize hiring bias

Minimize bias with equitable hiring practices

Don’t let unconscious bias impact hiring decisions. Leverage tools to help ensure you’re doing everything to offer an equitable hiring process.

  • Deploy structured interviewing across all interview formats
  • Configure ready-to-use accommodation tools depending on the needs of candidates
  • Provide a consistent evaluation experience across a diversified panel

Back all hiring decisions with data and structure

Confidently achieve your D&I objectives by making data-driven, measurable evaluations.

  • Use your HR-approved, built-in rating guides and rating scales in every interview
  • Leverage validated interview guides and questions created by IO psychologists
  • Access real-time custom reporting to ensure progression towards D&I goals
  • Quantify accommodations provided by pre-setting additional time, etc. across an entire applicant pool
Back hiring decisions with data and structure

Equitable Interviews, Better Hiring Decisions

Structured interview methodology is available in all interview formats, allowing teams to fairly assess every candidate by the same criteria.

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Same interview length

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Equal difficulty level

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Identical questions asked

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Diversified panel

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Transparent reporting

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“We do our best—even in an area of underrepresented students—to minimize bias. People are not aware of their own unconscious biases. So, we ask all the same questions, and our ratings are standardized. I very much think that the process is fair.”

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