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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Video Interview Provider

Do you need to transition to remote recruitment, but you’re not sure where to start? In this practical guide, we go over everything you need to know when shopping for a provider.

Ultimate Guide eBook

Save Time & Headspace

Reclaim your workday! By modernizing your hiring strategy, you can free up valuable time—without compromising your high standards.

Save Time & Headspace eBook

Save Money on Hiring Expenses

Here’s the bottom line: employees are a company’s most important asset. When you’re looking for new employees to join your team, keeping recruitment costs low is important. But saving money shouldn’t come at a cost of quality or speed.

Save Money on Hiring Expenses eBook

Save the Environment

Remote recruitment helps protect our planet by minimizing paper waste and harmful emissions from energy-intensive flights. Learn how to incorporate sustainability into your hiring strategy.

Save the environment eBook

How to Transition to Remote Hiring

This step-by-step guide will help you successfully navigate each step of moving your hiring process online.

How to Transition to Remote Hiring eBook

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Why do workers want remote and hybrid work to continue?

Remote and hybrid work environments are here to stay. Discover some of the tools and strategies for successful recruitment, retention, and job seeking in today’s remote-first environment.

Hybrid work

How to achieve recruiting goals without using AI

We looked at the top reasons teams turn to AI-powered recruiting and provide solutions that offer comparable benefits, without the implications of AI.

Artificial Intelligence infographic

AI Recruiting: Are We Ready For It?

Thinking of using AI in your recruitment practice? We lay out the benefits and drawbacks of using currently available AI hiring technology.

AI Recruiting

How to Prevent Interview Fatigue

Beat the exhaustion that comes from a long day of interviewing with this surefire way to avoid fatigue and regain enthusiasm for your job.

Interview fatigue

Buying Questions

There are many things to consider when investing in a new technology. Here are the top questions to ask yourself, your coworkers, and video interviewing providers before you buy.

Buying Questions

The State of Recruitment

What does 2021 hold for the future of recruiting? Virtual interviewing, online hiring, virtual job fairs and greater emphasis on diversity & inclusion are some top themes.

The State of Recruitment Image

The Value of Knockout Questions

Knockout questions act as a gatekeeper, “knocking out” (or pre-filtering) candidates who don’t meet the minimum requirements for a job.

Knockout Questions

Using Video for More Engaging, Predictive Interview Questions

Posing your questions through video helps personalize the virtual interviewing experience, so it feels friendlier and more representative of your company culture. Here’s how to improve the candidate experience, promote your organization, and predict how applicants would perform on the job.

Interview Questions

Types of Hiring Biases and How to Reduce Them

Hiring bias can be either conscious or unconscious, but either way, it’s bad for business. Bias leads to recruiters passing over high-potential candidates.

Hiring Biases

Understanding Live Video Interviews

VidCruiter’s professional recruitment platform takes video conferencing freebies to the next level. Discover how to interview candidates face-to-face even at a distance, so you can transcend geographical barriers to hire top talent anywhere on earth.

Live Video Interviews

The World’s Most Convenient Interviewing Option

Pre-recorded video interviews allow candidates to record answers to your questions at their convenience, and you review the recorded responses whenever you have time.

Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

What Are Digital Interviews?

Digital interviews are more popular, convenient, and necessary than ever. Learn the many benefits of digitizing your recruitment process and get answers to FAQs.

Digital Interviews

8 Steps You’re Missing Before Booking an HR Software Demo

Watch this virtual event with VidCruiter and SelectSoftware Reviews and learn how to maximize the value of your next demo by completing 8 simple steps first.

Webinar Preview

What Is an ATS and How Can It Help With Recruiting?

Learn how you can track and manage applicants throughout the hiring process using one efficient solution.

What Is ATS? Image

What Is a Structured Interview?

Your all-in-one guide for learning the basics and the benefits of using this standardized interview method.

What Is Structured Image

8 Reasons To Use a Video Interviewing Tool Built for Recruitment

If you’re using a free, generic video tool to conduct interviews, you’re missing out on a better interview experience for everyone. Let’s dive in.

Video Conferencing Image

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Law Firms

How to Hire for Your Legal Office

Law is a wide-ranging sector that employs all kinds of professionals including lawyers, paralegals, solicitors, barristers, law clerks, arbitrators, notaries, legal assistants and more.

Law Firms


Recruiting Teachers within Your School District

The educators you choose to employ have a ripple effect. Their teachings impact and influence those who learn from them, and later those learn from their students as well. To build a bright future, it’s so important to hire good teachers.



10 Challenges and Solutions For Government Hiring

We outline the top 10 challenges we witness in public sector hiring and share solutions to simplify and create efficiencies in the recruiting process.

Specialized Hiring Software for Government Agencies


5 Solutions For Non-Profit Hiring

We know the challenges non-profits face when hiring – from strict budgets to finding qualified candidates. Here are 5 solutions for a better recruitment process.

Overcome volunteer recruitment challenges

Campus Hiring

6 Recruitment Challenges in Campus Hiring – And How to Fix Them

Hiring students right out of university or college can be a very competitive game. Here are 6 ways to win the top talent.

6 Recruitment Challenges in Campus Hiring


9 Recruitment Solutions When Hiring Remote Teams Overseas

Gain a better overseas workforce with our nine tips for a more insight-driven hiring process.

Remote teams come with new and complex problems

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How to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Want happy employees and a good corporate reputation? It starts by creating a positive candidate experience. Explore eight actionable strategies and examples that can help improve your applicant journey throughout the hiring process.

Candidate Experience infographic

What Is Employee Burnout?

In 2021 over 4 in 10 employees said they’re feeling more ‘burnt out’ on the job than they were a year ago. Learn the causes and symptoms of workplace burnout and what you can do to prevent employees from feeling burnt out.

Employee Burnout

How to Recruit During an Employee Shortage

In the US, there are currently more than 10 million open jobs but there’s also an unprecedented number of unemployed workers. Explore why there’s a worker shortage, review insights from our 1,200-person survey, and learn what you can do to recruit quality hires during this period.

Employee Shortage

Ten Interview Questions You Should Never Ask (…and What to Ask Instead)

Learn some of the bad (or illegal) interview questions that can be replaced with better questions to help you hire the most qualified candidate for the job position.

Employee Shortage

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How to Resign From a Job Professionally

Resigning from a job in a professional manner is important for future references and job opportunities. Learn the steps to take to resign from your job, and what to do after you’ve handed in your resignation.

How to resign from a Job

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VidCruiter Infographic: How to Make an ATS-Friendly Resume

We’ve taken the crucial tips you need to know from our article “What’s an ATS- Friendly Resume?” to help you create an ATS-compatible resume with ease.

ATS-friendly resume infographic

A Job Hunter’s Guide to Landing an Interview

Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or simply considering a career change, if you’re hoping to secure a job interview, here’s everything you need to know!

A Job Hunter’s Guide

Ways to Calm Interview Nerves

If you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming interview, these expert tips can help you relax so you make the best possible first impression.

Interview Nerves

How to Ace Your First Digital Interview

For over 10 years, we’ve worked with thousands of candidates as they prepared for virtual meetings with prospective employers. Here’s absolutely everything you need to know to set yourself up for success.

Ace your first digital interview.

Popular Interview Questions

What are the most common video interview questions? This compilation gives you a sneak peek into what you may be asked, as well as tips to best answer the questions

Popular Interview Questions

What’s an ATS-Friendly Resume and How Do You Make One?

Before you apply for a job, it’s crucial your resume is ATS-compatible. Not sure what that means? We’ll explain what an ATS is, and how it can stand between you and your dream role.

Popular Interview Questions

VidCruiter Infographic: How to Ace Your Interview

Pressed for time? We’ve taken the essential tips from our guide “How to Ace Your Video Interview” and created a nifty infographic to help you interview at your best.

How to Ace your Interview Infographic Image

Still have questions? Reach out to our recruitment experts!