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The Hamlin School lioness mascot

The Hamlin School is an all-girls K-8 school in San Francisco, founded in 1898 by Sarah Dix Hamlin, one of the first female graduates of the University of Michigan, world traveler, suffragette, and fierce advocate for women’s rights. Reading through the school’s crystal-clear vision in my Discovery worksheet, and talking to the logo team in meetings made me want to cheer. Or cry. Or both! They’re working to inspire young women to become “extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and individuals of integrity.” Amen.

Up to this point, the sports mascot of the school was a male lion with a mane which,  to quote them, “finally dawned on us as an institution—this is not in line with our mission as a girls school!”

So we redesigned it. Here’s the new lioness athletics logo: the everyday version, and a special-use, scarier competition face, just for fun.


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Hamlin lions logo sticker sheet